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We are a Service Company, offering IT consultancy services. We specialise in Relational Database development including Data Warehousing and Data Marts. Our main expertise is in Analysis and Programming, along with Database Design in both UNIX and Windows environments.

Since 2001, we have moved more towards Internet Technologies, especially with a view to educating smaller businesses of the benefits of them having their own Internet presence.

Rubicon Computer Services has been in business since June 1996 and has provided services for a number of large companies, in diverse market places. Services provided so far have been predominantly in Relational Database design and development. We are currently developing large Data Warehouse solutions for a major international company. We have also developed Websites for a number of small companies based in the UK and Europe.

Services Provided
Relational Databases : Informix, SQL Server, Oracle up to version 10g, MySQL v4 & 5, PostgreSQL
Data Warehouses : Redbrick, SQL Server, Oracle up to version 10g
DataMarts : SQL Server, OLAP Data Cubes, SQL Server OLAP Services
UNIX development : 'C', PHP, shell scripts and most UNIX tools
ETL Tools : Informatica PowerCenter from version 4.7 through to 9.1, SQL Server DTS
Website Design : Development and Publishing, handcoded, using HTML, CSS and PHP v4 & 5, with MySQL databases running under Linux with Apache Webserver.
SQL Server 7 : Database Administration, OLAP Services

Web Design Service
  • Business users
  • Home users
  • Full Design
  • Domain Registration
  • Hosting
  • Website Promotion
From £10+vat per month

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